Monday, December 14, 2009

Give me an "O"...

So, Thursday I will have an Oophorectomy...yes, I am being spayed. Having my ovaries removed. It will be exactly a year and a day from my breast lumpectomy. Oh, the holidays bring such cheer.
With the recent diagnosis of our BART status - that is: my sister Lori and I tested positive for a genetic rearrangement of the BRACA gene; we are at increased risk for developing ovarian cancer as well as another "attack" of breast cancer. So, we're sending in more troops to take out the enemy. Dr Buten, a snazzy little brilliant surgeon will be doing the honors. He hopes to use a new technique called SIL - single incision laproscopy. One little cut around my navel and they'll pull those suckers out.
I am exhausted and overwhelmed but managed to go to a half a dozen holiday parties this past weekend and will attend another tonight because as of Thursday, I will be flattened.

Merry Christmas..


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today Gail. and Z is WAY cuter than those kids. and I would bet much happier.

Karla said...

How was the recuperation? Was it ok?

Anonymous said...

i hope everything went well. i had a hysterectomy several years back and there are no scars at all! i feel lots better now too! hope you do too! rene