Thursday, June 18, 2009

the beach

Somehow our family photos always look like this...let's just say we're not exactly ready for Sear's Portrait Studios. Although, the idea of a perfectly smiling family with blank expressions dressed in coordinating outfits against a surreal backdrop kind of intrigues me.

The beach turned out to be fun. It's not a bad ride to Port Aransas, just about 4 hours and there's not much traffic on back roads. The twins were giddy with excitement but of course grew impatient after hours in the car. Then we arrived at the ferry. We had tried to prepare them, warn them of the noise, the movement & such. But they both freaked out - "we don't like this", they cried. "Make it stop!" Every step of the way was a test in our ability to describe each detail to Zelda - from the cows in fields to the causeway, from the gulf water to the gates opening as the ferry landed. I kept wondering what she was thinking - how does my little girl process all of this information? So many news sounds, new smells, new feelings of ocean wind on her cheeks.

The first day on the beach saddened me. Creed was running, playing, trying to catch seagulls. Zelda was miserable. She wouldn't even put her feet on the sand. The waves were roaring, children were screeching in the surf and Z wanted no part of it. I imagined closing my eyes and going through an amusement park fun house with all of the strange and startling noises. Zelda liked the beach house and we slept soundly after an evening at the marina. She climbed the steps to the tower at least a dozen times.

And then the next day, we started slowly. She sat on my lap on the blanket on the beach. Then we carefully took a walk through the sand. I described every detail as we walked to the water's edge. We stopped at a tidal pool and I explained that it was a puddle and I jumped with her until she felt comfortable enough to enjoy it herself. And then we ventured across the packed, wet sand into the surf. She giggled and was surprised as the water washed against her skinny little legs. Creed & Evan were a long way off down the beach in and out of the water and taking time to build a sand castle. Zelda took my hand and we walked along the water. I told her about the tides and we imitated the sound of the gulls. She declared that she liked the beach and splashed and played in the water.

I wish that I could figure out how to post the video that I made of our time at the beach...but for now, you'll have to settle for photos.


Capital Sew and Sew said...

Thank you for this....

Karla May said...

You are a wonderful, caring, patient, amazing mother. Never forget that.

V_38_Illusions said...

nous les voyants ont tendence à nous replier sur les yeux quand nous sommes encore très jeunes, ainsi nous frappant nous-mêmes d'une cécité d'éveil, une pauvreté de l'esprit, qui nous prive de tout ce que les autres sens nous révèleraient sur l'univers qui nous entoure ...

... tandis que chez la petite, bien qu'éprouvant une sorte de surcharge sensoriel pour l'instant dans les situations inconnues, elle nous transmet déjà une vue toute à fait extraordinaire de travers ces expériences.

merci à vous deux, à toute la famille même, pour l'occasion de partager un tout petit peu de ces dons!

~ fr

oma aka meme said...

I got a chuckle out of top photo- we have so many of those from when our kidlets were little-
I am praying for you
hugs from Meme