Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did you hear the one about....

So a few weekends ago, Evan and I attended a seminar called "Through your child's eyes". It was about raising a blind or visually impaired kid. There was a lecture by a 100 yr old doctor, some new technological info, a simulation experience and a chance to meet other parents. The most informative segment was the panel discussion: 2 VI kids, 2 parents and a woman who is visually impaired. The kids were amazing! The moderater proposed questions to the panel and each person would respond.

When asked about their biggest personal challenge...A soft spoken middle schooler - whom I assumed was from India (not that it makes any difference but it's important to emulate the cadence and lilt in his speech) - responded that kids at his age can be very cruel. He said that he has chosen his friends on the basis of their 'disabilites'. They all sit together at lunch. "I have one friend who is very skinny - but he isn't anorexic. My other friend is very short - but he's not...(a dwarf, someone piped in). Another friend has leukemia." He then added quietly, "Do you know the story of the blind man who has a friend with no feet? The blind man has feet and his friend can see."

I think this kid is related to Gandhi.

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