Monday, November 23, 2009


1) 1st photo in a very long time of Zelda with her eyes open.

2) back from TCH in Houston, kids had head CT's and all looks well with their brains and their VP shunts.

3) I am going to have my ovaries removed to cut back on the risk of recurrence of cancer.

More later...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ze plan, ze plan...

we have had an educational plan for Zelda this year and it has thus far, worked really well...As you know, both Creed and Zelda started at Ecole, their French immersion Montessori school last year. We love the school and they love our kids but this past September we decided to add a bit to Zelda's academics by putting her in PPCD (Public Preschool for Children with Disabilities) each morning for 3 hours. We drop Z off at Gullet Elementary and proceed directly with Creed to Ecole. Three hours later, la petite Z hops on her very own bus that takes her over to join Creed and her other amis at Ecole. So far, it has worked out swimmingly. Zelda receives the extra speech therapy and structural learning as she was at times experiencing frustrations with too many unseen choices in the academic part of the Montessori day. The PPCD program has 2 teachers for 6 students and she has a lot of directed activities as opposed to free time. When, she gets to Ecole, she has socialization, lunch, reading, nap and then hangs out with the other kids for extended day. She still has the French immersion and is doing quite well with it.

Now here's the problem...this 3 hr PPCD program is only for this year at Gullet. So, the hunt has begun for her next level PPCD program which unfortunately will go until 2pm and unfortunately at another school...then over to Ecole. The twins won't start kindergarten until fall 2011 as their birthday misses the cutoff in September. I am thus far feeling exhausted by the prospects of always trying to find the appropriate school for Zelda but at the same time knowing that once she's there, she will be a superstar. The other part of "Ze plan" is getting Creed into the same school and on the same bus when the time comes. For now, he's a happy camper at Ecole - understanding everything that's said to him in French but not really speaking it. La petite Z, on the other hand, out of the blue will say things like..."Il fait chaud" and "J'ai faim."

Ca continue...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

La pleine lune...

We introduced them to the full moon these past few nights.

Creed: Mom, the Man in the Moon has no body!

Creed: The Man in the Moon sleeps in the sky. We sleep in houses.

Zelda: I can see the Man in the Moon.

My kids are genuises...

p.s I love this photo so much it Todd V. Wolfson

Monday, November 2, 2009

My dad died... week ago today, I said good-bye to my Dad. He was 89. God, I loved him. He was so strong, smart, loyal and loving. My Dad was born in 1920 in Ford's, NJ, in a basement on a cold winter's night. His father owned a little grocery store. He was the eldest of 3 children.

He was a superstar in high school, drum major of the marching band, excelled at many musical instruments and in art as well. Our Nana, his mom, used to tell us what a flirt he was. And boy, was he handsome - like Errol Flynn.

He was a Marine in World War II and in the Korean War as well. His stories were infamous and made us laugh. He wedded my mom in 1946 and they stayed married for 63 years. He was a Labor Relations Negotiator before there was such a thing and would tell us stories of Jimmy Hoffa and late nights in Baton Rouge. He knew every good restaurant in the country because he traveled so much, meeting with boilermakers, electricians, masons, steel workers - you name it. He worked as a consultant until he was in his 70's.

When Dad turned 80, he and Mom moved here to Texas to play golf year round and to be closer to us - their 3 girls and their grandchildren. I am so grateful that he got to see the twins and especially his namesake: Credence Paul Chovan Voyles. They called him PopPop and he loved them so.

I saw my Dad again at the funeral home on Tuesday. We had to identify the body before he was sent off to be cremated. He was so cold, so still. I hugged him and didn't want to let go. I still don't...