Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Credence Paul, M.D....

"Momma, lay down here he-a."
(He motions to the couch).
"I'm your doct-a and I want to make you safe."
(He then uses the end of a jump rope to listen to my heart.)
(He then goes across the room and picks up a half-deflated balloon and places it on my stomach).
"This is your breast cancer and I make you bett-a. Ok, Momma?"

"Okay Credence, thanks..."

I finish my cancer treatment in 2 days...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Independence Day challenge...

Can you free yourself for just a moment today from your dependence on experiencing this very visual holiday through site? That is: close your eyes tonight while you're watching the fireworks. Try and experience the sound, the smell, imagine the dark sky, have a friend or family member describe the colors or shapes of the exploding lights way above you. Or sit at a cook-out with friends and close your eyes: listen to the multi-layers of conversation, the clanging of tools on the grill, the smell of cooking vegetables or meat or even your own crunching of a bite of chips in your mouth. Can you find that bowl of salsa or pour your drink without overflowing the glass? What music is playing? Is someone having a one-sided conversation on a cell phone? Did you hear that car door slam?

Welcome to Zelda's world...try it...study it...don't be afraid to enjoy it...
Happy Independence Day...